We’re IT Support company that specialises in digital transformation

For us, it doesn’t matter if you’re one entrepreneur or hundred user strong, we LOVE working with interesting people that care and are not afraid to do things differently.

We can think of hundred different reasons you might want to work with us but we respect your time. So here are five reasons you might  not want to…

Your values are not aligned with ours

We are small, family run business with a giant heart. We like to think that we can make the world a better place. We actively are looking to work with partners making positive impact, especially with sustainable or environmental projects.

We partner up with companies working in many different sectors. From a small start-ups to global brands and we are always keen to meet new people who share our values. 

You don’t like change

That one PC in the corner that no-one know what it does… That one unpatched printer… That one outdated router… It is always that simple thing that get us caught. 

Technology is always evolving beast that is marching forward with or without us. If you want to stay safe in this ever-changing world, you have to keep adjusting. 

We keep an eye out on all of those small thing and we advise you on when and what it needs to be changed to.

You are not sure about our process

We have many years of experience on our shoulders. With experience we tested different processes that helps us work on projects effectively and efficiently. So we are able to help more businesses, faster.

We automate a lot of our work through scripting, auto-healing processes and trusted processes. We constantly monitor systems so we can PRO-ACTIVELY help you and your business.

If you are expecting break-fix approach and don’t want to take IT budget into account, we may not be the best fit for you.

You don’t need Managed IT Services

Let’s be honest. Not every business is same. Some rely on Technology more than the others.

We would LOVE to help you with any challenges you may have. But if you don’t use technology, break-fix solution might be better fit. 

You may as well have onsite IT team that works well for you. There is clear structure and direction to your technology projects. If so – well done! And if it changes in the future, we’re here to help.

You expect shirt and tie?

We are verry pretty human beings. We have relaxed dress code, you can expect clean and tidy clothes, good manners and friendly faces. And we do smell good!

Suit and tie? Well, no thanks!

Thank you!

If you read this through and we actually do sound like the sort of people you could work with, then that’s great!

Feel free to drop us an email or schedule a call. We would love to hear about what you need and how we can help.

If not, got it! Thanks for stopping by.
Just in case – picture of Szymon in shirt and tie – it’s possible!