Unwanted or faulty IT Equipment?

Easy IT Recycling

We want to make sure, our IT recycling and Disposal service is hassle free and… FREE. So sit back and relax when we do all heavy lifting for you. 

At Novo Custom we ensure that our service is streamlined and least disruptive for your business. Get in touch and our team will arrange collection in preferable date and time. 

Secure and compliant

We leave nothing to chance. All your data is wiped securely, Data Destruction Certificate will be issued on all data-bearing devices. If you require, we can also provide physical destruction services.

As a business you are obligated to finance the cost of the collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of both new and old electrical and electronic waste. As part of our Recycling Services we collect and remove any old IT equipment completely free of charge and provide you with our IT Recycling Services document detailing that we have taken responsibility for all the equipment.

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Environmental friendly 

We are aiming to achieve 0% landfill with our services. We will attempt to refurbish your device to highest possible standard and resell it to private and business users. It extends life of this equipment and prevent unnecessary landfill.

Sometimes device can be beyond repair – in this scenario, we will harvest it for parts and reuse it to fix another equipment or provide spare parts to people who then will refurbish their own machines.

Everything else will be stripped for parts and recycled for plastic, metal, PCBs and other.

Why use our IT Recycling and Disposal services?

Work with us on a better tomorrow. Recycle and Dispose responsibly. 

Peace of mind

We take care of the whole process for you, so you don’t have to worry about IT!
We will handle all necessary documentation from start to finish.

Data security

Our processes and software we use ensure that your data is 100% safely destroyed so it can not be retrieved. We use Military-grade application and physical media destruction if required.

Secure Transportation and storage

All our staff is security vetted. Full audit trails and documentation will be provided.
Storage facility have 24/7 operational CCTV and no access for public or contractors.

0% Landfill

We aim to refurbish and resell 100% of the equipment. If it is not possible, we will use it for parts.


When it is necessary to dispose of your IT equipment, we will do so in an environmentally friendly manner that is fully compliant with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

Reclaim your space!

We know how much space old IT equipment can take. We have been there! 
There is no reason for you to keep piles of old PCs or networking equipment anymore.
Let us take care of it!

We can recycle IT all for you

We accept any amount of IT equipment to recycle, and it always will be free.