How it started?

Novo Custom is not just another company. It is an Idea.
And the idea is simple: 0% landfill, 100% Data Sanitised, 100% satisfaction.

Established in May 2021 by Szymon and Anita, husband and wife that see future in green colours.

Many years in IT showed us the good, the bad and the ugly side of IT companies. We simply had enough of sitting on a side lines and watch how old IT equipment is being dumped into landfill. 

It is outrageous how many times we have received ex-lease laptops/PCs or printers with untouched data just sitting there to be leaked out. 

We are here to help and it does not matter if you wish to only dispose of your old equipment or donate it / re-use it etc. we will make sure that your data is gone for good and not possible to recover.

0% Landfill

We guarantee, that none of the processed items will end up in landfill. Simple – we constantly developing and introducing new ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle your old IT equipment. 

100% Data Destruction

We guarantee data destruction on each and every data-bearing device and confirm this with certificate. Even if you don’t need it – we will do it anyway. Would you like to put us into a test? Not a problem – let us know!

100% Satisfaction

We are nothing without our customers. We listen to all comments and suggestions, change and evolve with your requirements. Simply trying to improve our services every day.  

Our work in numbers

Within first calendar year of operations, we have managed to process over 3 tonnes of redundant IT equipment! Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for choosing future!


Who we are?

Small family-run business where we put our greener future in the middle of our operations.

Szymon Dymek

Founder Director

Anita Dymek

Founder Director

Maciej Dymek

Transport and Logistics

Client Testimonials

Business Referrals Available upon Request.

I have first hand experience of working with both Anita and Symon (and) all I can say is…These guys are a pleasure to work with. They are complete professionals.

Justin Kirton

Think Logistics 

Absolute lifesavers! The amount of times that Novo Custom helped us and our business – we won’t be able to count. Always very responsive and reasonably priced. Managed IT Support was one of the best decision we have made. It makes our life so much easier. Would recommend 1100%!!

Gabriela Sokolowska

Happy Memories Photography

We have used Novo Custom’s service a few times already.

They are always very friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommended.

Nicki Sawyer

KCS Crane and Transport Services


Why Recycle?

Any company that disposes of hazardous waste has a legal obligation to ensure redundant electronic equipment is disposed of in line with new legislation, known as the WEEE Directive.

We all need brighter, greener future!

What is WEEE Directive?

Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by householders and companies in the UK. WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) became legislation in 2007. The aim of the directive is to reduce the amount of WEEE being disposed of via landfill and promote reuse wherever possible.

Put simply businesses and organisations can no longer treat WEEE as general waste and instead should implement a policy to ensure that their WEEE is retired in line with the directive. As the process is relatively complex, businesses and organisations almost always engage the services of an external IT disposal company to facilitate the process.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste

CRT and TFT (flat panel) monitors, laptop screens and fluorescent tubes are classified as hazardous waste. Whilst there are a couple of grey areas all other equipment can be classified as non-hazardous waste.


The principles of the EU GDPR are similar to the DPA, although there are additional requirements and obligations with regards to data storage and data handling, and failure to comply with these new regulations will incur heavy fines and harsh penalties.

It is therefore imperative for UK companies to be aware of these changes and new regulations soon to be implemented.

Novo Custom will ensure that your IT disposal is fully compliant to the GDPR, giving you peace of mind that all data will be handled and disposed of securely and in full compliance with the new regulations.

How much does it cost?

In many cases we are able to provide a free of charge service. This is possible as equipment can often have residual value that we can use to offset our processing costs and even generate a positive return for our clients.

Does it have to be boxed?

No, we do all the work for you. Our vehicles are equipped with appropriate trolleys and containers for removing and storing your equipment.

Equipment does not have to be palletised and can be stored loose or in cages/containers to suit you. We will allocate tail lift vehicles from our fleet where appropriate to cater for larger items such as server racks, copiers, plotters etc.

What are your security measures for logistics?

All our team is enhanced DBS checked and have to follow set protocols. All collections are monitored and managed.

What are your security measures for facility?

We operate from a 100 square meter facility. The entire perimeter is remotely located on a private property with no public right of use.

In addition, the facility is monitored by a further CCTV cameras which include true day-night motion-detecting cameras on the outside and inside of the building.

What is next for us and our services?

We want to improve, 1% each and every day

We already started working on our ISO certifications to give all our customers even more confidence in our process.

Novo Custom also is waiting to be enrolled in ‘Plant a forest’ initiative. We are currently in touch with several organisations to make sure we are backing the right project.